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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fwd: [bangla-vision] footnote to last post "Gen. Chi Haotian quote" -- ref - Opium and deindustrialization: Mao, Zhou, Kissinger and RockefellerGen. Chi

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From: Richard Eastman <>
Date: Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 2:37 AM
Subject: [bangla-vision] footnote to last post "Gen. Chi Haotian quote" -- ref - Opium and deindustrialization: Mao, Zhou, Kissinger and RockefellerGen. Chi



Here is a footnote to my last post  -- in addition to documentation it contains,  my first post of 1999 discussing the banker-Beijing subversion conspiracy now in full flower 
Dick Eastman
April 16, 2008

Opium and deindustrialization: Mao, Zhou, Kissinger and Rockefeller

There is much of interest in what you write,. but not a single source, and source is what I was requesting.  I am particulalry interested in the source for your claims that Mao was a druglord... I would be very interested to see that corroborated.
Yes, I note that Kissinger is very happy to trade accross Communist lines.  But as to your assertion about the Nixon planning the industrialiazation of China, ought to take some to read "Gold Wariors," which asserts that what actually went down that precipitated that momentous opening to China was the diversion of a significant portion of the "M-fund"  (accumulated and secret Japanese war loot recovered by the US/CIA but kept secret ever since) to shore up China's then-failing economy.  I find this argument plausible.
Peace, __________
First _______, you misunderstood one point -- my fault probably.  I did not claim that  Nixon planned the industrialization of China.  I said that the very next week after Nixon went home from "opening China" , David Rockefeller arrived in Peking with Kissinger and THEY (not Nixon) planned the deindustrialization of the US, benefiting China's (Triad) princelings and the internationalist investment bankers -- the Rockefeller interests.    Dick Nixon was sold on controlling China by making them economically dependent on us  -- but extactly the opposite was intended -- or rather both China and the US would be controlled by the the Zhou-Triad-Banker alliance.   ( Nixon was like Reagan  -- the Rockefeller men were doing evil things behind his back.  I have always been pro-Nixon (as well as pro-McCarthy and pro-Reagan, pro-Harding and pro-Coolidge  but mostly pro-Senator Robert Taft)  and an EXTREME an anti-Rockefeller Republican.  I was vice-chairman of young voters for the president in 1972 in the SF Bay Area-  and I am still not ashamed of it.) 
Now to sources.
First read my Usenet article:   Message from Usenet discussion to alt.politics.socialism.democratic and others newsgroups:    Be sure to read my "Charlie Chan and the Sinister Plot of Zhou Enlai" included in that message (written in 1998):
Next, here is my primary source on the subject.:
H. Stanton-Candlin, Psycho-Chemical Warfare: The Chinese Communist Drug Offensive against the West (New Rochelle:  Arlington House, 1973)  540 pages, appendices, bibliography, index, charts, maps, illustrations and photographs.
I've looked up where you can get your hands on it:
Here is a  book online that connects The City and Opium:
Dope, Inc - Britain's Opium War Against the U.S.  -- book online 
Read chapter 6 of Part II  "The Peking Connection"
Next is this book on the Triads:
Martin Booth, The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads (New York:  Carroll & Graf, 2001 )   368 pages
Here is an excellent review  by Joseph D. Douglas:
One of the most vexing global problems today is gobal criminal capitalism, or international organized crime. Three years ago its gross revenues were estimated at $1.8 trillion. Today it is most likely to be over $2 trillion, annual, of which 50 percent or so is profits. The impact of their trade, which is narcotics based, on the moral fibre of people everywhere is incalculable. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that this type of money translates into massive political, financial, legal, judicial, and law enforcement corruption in all countries, including the United States. So far, there has been too little attention placed on the Chinese Triads and their contribution. Dragon Syndicates is an excellent start towards filling the gap. Its history is excellent. It makes clear the reason organized crime exists is that it is politically protected and very rapidly becomes integrated with the political and financial structure. The weakness in the book is its failure to understand the present-day government involvement, especially in the case of China, which while it outlawed internal use of drugs in 1949, as described in the book, at the same time it nationalized the poppies and began using opium and heroin to undermine other societies, most notably Japan and the United States (See The Peking Bomb by Gerd Hamburger and Psycho-chemical Warfare by A.H Stanton Candlin). The State-Triads connection has grown and can now be seen in the marketing of designer drugs, produced in military labs, and in the coordination with the Yakusa, Mafia, and Russian Organized Crime, in which the intelligence services play a major role. The threat posed by international organized crime and the need to recognize and respond is clearly evident in the Dragon Syndicates. This book is especially useful in showing how tremendous the Triad-supported crime has grown in the United States since 1965, when immigration controls were significantly relaxed. This is especially apparent in places like New York, San Francisco, and the Pacific Northwest. The book is also excellent in showing the variety of activities -- from narcotics, to white slavery, loan sharking, pornography, arms sales, money laundering, and piracy of computer software.  See also Drug Politics by David Jordan.
There was another book on Triads I read  -- I think the title was simply Triads or Triad
Another review (excerpt):
The Truth About Mao
Mass Murderer, Womaniser, Liar, Drug Baron:
Book Paints Horrific Portrait
By Jonathan Mirsky
The Independent -
As for Mao, the inspiring commander, he now emerges as nearly left behind by the March, disliked by almost everyone, wrong-headed in both tactics and strategy, and, most disgracefully for the legend, a survivor of the Long March only because President Chiang let the Reds go. At one point the Nationalists left a truck at the side of the road loaded with food and detailed maps of the route ahead. Chang and Halliday maintain that Chiang spared the Reds partly because Stalin was holding his son hostage. Mao and the other leaders were carried in litters. A survivor told Chang and Halliday that the elite "lounged about in litters, like landlords". Not a single high-ranking leader, no matter how ill or badly wounded, died along the March, although most of the soldiers perished. This was an early example, Chang and Halliday assert, of "the stony-hearted hierarchy and privilege under Mao's dominion".
The final nail in the coffin of the guerrilla years is that Mao rarely fought either the Nationalists or the Japanese during that period, and when his commanders did fight Chiang's forces, just twice, Mao was furious.
For several years Mao oversaw the growing of opium poppies and the extremely lucrative sale of "the black product" in areas outside his control. He told Premier Chou En-lai that the business was worth six times the official Yanan budget. The Russians, whose sources on Mao's career are Halliday's most significant contribution to the biography, estimated sales then at $60m "or some $640m (£350m) today," a humiliating admission for a patriotic movement that based its hatred of imperialism on the British export of opium into China in the 19th century.   ....
And another:
Martin Booth, The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads (New York:  Carroll & Graf, 2001 )   368 pages

Aug 2, 2000 | A small band of Chinese men in matching red pajamas barks out cryptic twaddle about avenging the monks of the Shaolin Temple, then nimble feet and sharpened metal stars fly through the air and another small band of Chinese men, in matching black pajamas, is killed with much gore and eloquent shrieking. A scene from a Hong Kong martial arts movie? Well, yes. But until I read the British novelist and historian Martin Booth's "The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads," I didn't know where the vocabulary of those movies came from. Booth's literate, action-packed overview of Chinese secret societies paints a scary picture of ritualism and thuggery in modern China and worldwide, and incidentally answers most of my questions about Bruce Lee films and the arcane skits on Wu-Tang Clan records.

The term "Triad" comes from one of the most prominent early groups, the Three United Society -- the three in question being heaven, earth and man -- and refers to either a society or one of its members. Triad societies have operated in China for 2,000 years as more or less Masonic-style fraternities, trade guilds and forums for political dissidence. They incorporated elements of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and ancestor worship into their complex ceremonial rites and imagery. When the ethnic Manchus overthrew the Ming dynasty in the 17th century and inaugurated the Q'ing dynasty, the Triads adopted the goal of returning the Ming to power, wresting China back from the foreigners.

But the secret societies quickly evolved into extortion and protection mobs as well, and got rich off the 19th-century opium trade -- Booth notes that since this trade was run by Europeans with the compliance of the Q'ing, the Triads could claim they were inserting themselves into the trade in order to resist foreign domination. When Chinese began to emigrate and open businesses in new overseas Chinatowns, Booth says they were (and still are) often obliged to pay "insurance" money, just as they were back home, so as not to put themselves in the way of jolly Triad punishments, like a decisive meat cleaver to the fingers or the "death by myriad swords."

The Q'ing Dynasty was felled in 1912 by the Kuomintang (Nationalist) Party, whose head, Sun Yat-sen, himself a Triad, had rallied Triads to unite and fight for the republican cause. Chiang Kai-shek was a Triad, too, and Booth contends that his presidency both before and after the Kuomintang government fled to Taiwan in 1949 was marked by giddy criminality and collusion in the opium trade. The Triads flourished under this misrule, and most of the societies' noncriminal ideologies dropped away until they simply became crime syndicates with elaborately silly initiation rituals.


Organized-crime trails are always deliberately convoluted.  In some passages, so many names are piled on top of one another that it becomes impossible to keep track of who or what Booth is talking about. Booth elegantly places the story of the secret societies in the greater context of China's history, and his discussion of the importance to their solidarity of "guanxi" -- the Chinese concept of loyalty to clan and obligation to repay favors -- is incisive. He posits intriguingly that, beginning in the '50s, the Triads not only provided most of the world's heroin supply, but virtually created the whole market, most devastatingly by offering heroin as a novel experience for American soldiers in Vietnam.  Chinese organized crime is part of a global Triad network and  most Chinese people are either merciless Triad predators or helpless Triad prey.   Booth dispels the mystery of the Triads' rituals and reveals them as a confederacy of gangsters like any other, only one that's so enduringly efficient. It's no wonder it continues to thrive.  Established themselves primarily in British-ruled Hong Kong Zhou Enlai, that consumate politician and diplomate, involved them in furthering China's foreign policy objectives.  In the past half-century opiates have remained at the core of their far-flung operations, but Booth claims that they also peddle counterfeit CDs, videotapes, computer programs and credit cards; smuggle indigent emigrants overseas in slave-ship conditions for absurdly steep fares; run gambling and prostitution houses wherever there's a large Chinese population; engage in low-level loan-sharking and high-stakes financial-market skulduggery; demand and receive protection payments from businesses large and small; and still haul out the myriad swords when inter- or intragang protocol is breached.


Enemy Within the Gates

by William F. Jasper

The arrests of Russian immigrants Nikolay and Svetlana Ogorodnikov in October 1984 on espionage charges revealed the bare tip of a potentially catastrophic iceberg. The Ogorodnikovs emigrated to Los Angeles in 1973 as Jewish refugees, but were actually agents of the Soviet KGB. From FBI agent Richard Miller, whom they suborned with sex and money, they obtained secret documents for their Moscow spymasters. According to the FBI, those documents provided the KGB with "a detailed picture of FBI and U.S. intelligence activities, techniques, and requirements."

The New York Times, in an unusual display of common sense and concern for the obvious national security implications of the Ogorodnikov affair, noted on October 20, 1984, "The circumstances of the couple's entry raise questions [of] how well American security agencies are able to scrutinize tens of thousands of Soviet emigrants, mostly Jews and Armenians, who have come to the United States since the late 1960s."

Alarming Evidence

But that was more than a decade ago, before the "collapse of communism," during the dark days of the "Cold War." Surely no such antiquated concerns need disturb our serene complacency today. Right?

Or are we sublime fools courting national suicide? Consider these cases which, unfortunately, are far from unique:

· Michael and David Smushkevich. Immigrating to the U.S. in 1981 as refugees, these two brothers from Lithuania soon established a multi-billion-dollar, West Coast-based, global crime empire. Michael, a former scientist of the Moscow Missile Construction Institute, and David, a physician, were arrested in 1990 as the masterminds of a $1 billion medical insurance fraud scheme, reportedly the biggest health care scam in U.S. history. Using an elaborate network of hundreds of front companies and sophisticated marketing programs, the Smushkeviches generated a tidal wave of phony insurance billings and sent multitudes of unsuspecting patients to corrupt doctors who charged exorbitant rates for unnecessary and expensive tests. The brothers apparently were also involved in massive foreign currency exchange scams, drug trafficking, the Soviet emigré racket, and other criminal activities. It is interesting to note that after arriving as a "refugee," David Smushkevich was issued a Soviet passport by the Soviet consulate in San Francisco and made frequent trips to the Soviet Union. He was obviously a KGB-approved mafiosi.

· Paul Lai. One of the most prominent figures in New York City's Chinatown business community, Mr. Lai served on Governor Mario Cuomo's Asian-American Advisory Committee, and was well connected to City Hall and to political figures ranging from the local school board to Congress. He has pleaded guilty to murder-conspiracy and racketeering. Another prominent Chinatown businessman and associate of Lai, Clifford Wong, was convicted in January 1995 of murder, extortion, and racketeering, and is serving a life sentence in prison. Behind their respectable fronts, Lai and Wong were, in reality, vicious crime lords who dominated Chinatown's drug and alien smuggling trade, prostitution, gambling, protection racket, and other criminal activities. Receiving almost no media attention is the fact that both men were Chinese immigrants who had strong ties to the communist regime in Beijing and who worked closely with agents of the Peoples Republic of China in their various "enterprises."

· Wu Bin, Li Jing Ping, and Zhang Pinzhe. Wu Bin came to the United States from Red China in 1990 on a work visa. He soon violated his visa, however, and disappeared into the "underground economy," where he hooked up with Li Jing Ping, a "former" Red Chinese official who had established an electronics firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Zhang Pinzhe, a Chinese agent posing as an English student at Old Dominion University. In 1992 the trio was arrested by U.S. Customs, but not before they had shipped critical defense technology to our Chinese "friends."

· Abu Nidal. In March 1993, a federal grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri indicted four Palestinian men on charges that they had planned a series of terrorist acts for the notorious Abu Nidal group, which a 1988 U.S. Defense Department report called "the most dangerous terrorist organization in existence." The men, one of whom was already in prison on death row for the murder of his daughter, were accused of plotting to kill Jews in the U.S. and to blow up the Israeli embassy in Washington DC. They were also implicated in a massive nationwide food coupon fraud ring. In October 1994, Tawfiq Musa, Loie Nijmeh, and Saij Nijmeh were sentenced to prison on federal racketeering charges.

· Vyacheslav Ivankov. On June 8, 1995, the FBI arrested Vyacheslav Ivankov, one of the top bosses in the brutal Russian mafia organization in New York City. He had been sent from Russia, reportedly to oversee the burgeoning mob activity which operates from the heavily ethnic Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, known to many as "Little Odessa." The arrest was heralded as one of the triumphs of the new cooperative crime-fighting arrangement between the FBI and the KGB. However, one intelligence specialist told THE NEW AMERICAN it is doubtful that Ivankov was operating as a "free agent" without KGB approval. More likely, the notorious gangster was sacrificed to a larger purpose.

· Oklahoma City. In the months since the explosion which took 169 lives in America's heartland, THE NEW AMERICAN has been pursuing an intensive investigation of the crime. The evidence we have gathered thus far (and are continuing to develop) strongly indicates that five or six Iraqis, who had come to Oklahoma under a controversial asylum program after the Persian Gulf War, were involved as co-conspirators with Timothy McVeigh in delivering the explosives-laden Ryder truck to the Murrah Building.

How Many Agents?

The above are but a few of many dramatic examples which illustrate the enormity and the deadly seriousness of our "open borders" crisis. Between 1984 and 1994, the U.S. admitted over 500,000 legal immigrants from the People's Republic of China alone. During the same period, America received more than 276,000 legal immigrants from the Soviet Union and "former" Soviet states. Hundreds of thousands more arrived from other communist tyrannies and terrorist protectorates. How many of these are true refugees, and how many are agents of destruction?

Justin Yu is a reporter in New York City for the World Journal, one of the largest Chinese language daily newspapers in the United States. For years he has written about and warned of the massive campaign of espionage, penetration, and subversion by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) against the United States. "The PRC has been sending thousands of agents here for years, both as legal and illegal immigrants," Yu told THE NEW AMERICAN. "They come as students, diplomats, researchers, visiting scientists, businessmen, refugees, or are smuggled in" through numerous land or sea routes used to penetrate our porous and under-protected borders.

Yu has interviewed many of these agents over the years. While many of them were captured and deported, many more succeeded in getting refugee status, or otherwise obtained legal residency. Still others remain here as illegals. Many are here as willing "agents" of the Red Chinese, while others are here under duress, faced with the prospect of brutal treatment by gangsters here and harsh retribution for their families back in China if they don't perform as ordered.

Smuggling Racket

For anyone who is willing to look, the evidence of PRC influence and control in the Chinese crime syndicates is palpably obvious, says Yu. It is particularly conspicuous in the Chinese ŽmigrŽ smuggling. "In five counties of Fukien Province in China, almost all the young people between the ages of 15 and 35 have been cleared out and sent to the U.S.," according to Yu. "The Public Security Bureau agents go house-to-house and tell them they must leave. They provide the young people with documents and the PRC's Border Guard boats transfer them to the large smuggler ships off shore."

The alien smugglers are known among the Chinese as "snake hats," says Yu, and contract with the PRC. The current smuggling charge they assess each piece of human "cargo" is about $35,000. The Chinese peasants do not have even a fraction of that amount, naturally, so must serve as indentured slaves in America until the sum is paid. From time to time these smuggling operations are uncovered, often due more to chance than vigilance. Such was the case in June 1993, when the Golden Venture, a ship carrying nearly 300 illegal Chinese aliens from Fukien, ran aground off the coast of the New York City borough of Queens. At least ten of the passengers drowned. Similar smuggling affairs have been discovered at west-coast ports. Chinese aliens have also been apprehended in groups of 50 to 100 coming across the U.S.-Mexican border, using the same trails that hundreds of thousands of aliens from over 100 other countries use.

On a recent trip along the California-Mexico frontier, retired Border Patrol Agent Bob Stille showed this reporter a small valley east of San Diego where the Border Patrol had captured a large group of aliens from Red China. After the Chinese consulate had been contacted, a Chinese attorney appeared with bail money and, as in times past, the aliens were released into his custody, pending deportation hearings. By the time the hopelessly backlogged immigration courts can schedule a hearing, the aliens have often disappeared. Or they have filed for asylum, which can buy them months - or even years - of delay in deportation.

Many other Chinese take a much longer and more circuitous route, according to Yu. "Some go through Russia and the other countries of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and then on to France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Holland, and Italy," he explains. "Some stay there for a while or even settle in those places, or go on to Central or South America before making it to the U.S. One thing from this is very clear: They can't get through the Russian/Soviet areas without the cooperation of the Russian and Chinese governments. Those are very long, complex, and expensive routes requiring a great deal of coordination. So there is some apparent Sino-Soviet collusion involved in this."

Yu recalls that one time he was attending a deportation hearing when one of the Chinese illegals asked him for assistance. "He had a green diplomatic passport, but was uneducated, couldn't speak English, and obviously wasn't a diplomat. All of his papers had been provided by the PRC." Once the hapless ŽmigrŽs arrive here, they have little choice but to work at whatever jobs they can find or are assigned to, or whatever criminal activities may fit their hands.

"The Chinese communists run the Chinese gangs here in the U.S.," says Yu. "The drug running, smuggling illegal aliens from China, gambling, racketeering, prostitution, you name it." A prime example of this, he points out, is the recent high-profile trial and conviction of Paul Lai. "Lai is openly pro-communist and frequently socialized with the PRC officials," notes Yu. "During the communist celebration at New York's City Hall Park on September 1, 1995, Lai stood next to the Chinese consul general under the red flag. The previous year, in September 1994, when anti-communists demonstrated against the Red celebration, he had martial arts thugs attack the demonstrators and rough them up."

Espionage Concern

As previously mentioned, over the past decade more than half a million Chinese have immigrated to the U.S. from the PRC mainland. How many thousands more have come illegally is anyone's guess. But the permanent immigrants and illegals are not the only source of concern; thousands of Chinese visitors are constantly visiting some of our most sensitive defense installations. The December 1994 Reader's Digest revealed just one of our many tragic security losses as a result of these disastrous policies:

In September 1988, China exploded a "neutron" bomb whose intense radiation can kill even the crews of heavily armored tanks. Western observers had considered the weapon beyond the reach of Chinese technology. They were right. The FBI confirmed that the Chinese government had obtained the crucial data about the weapon from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a nuclear-weapons facility outside San Francisco.

A federal investigation, reported Reader's Digest, "revealed that the Department of Energy had permitted more than 100 Chinese scientists to visit U.S. weapons laboratories in the previous two years."

Russian Mafia

Then there are the hundreds of thousands of émigrés from the Soviet Union. What kinds of security measures have been taken to screen these recent arrivals? Almost none. Which is why the Russian mafia is cutting such a ferocious swath of terror across America.

Long before the Russian mafia had become a sexy media topic, the Soviet Union was deeply involved in promoting organized criminal activity in the U.S. and other Western nations. The 1980 Mariel boatlift initiated by Moscow's surrogate in Havana is a striking case in point. Genaro Perez, a defector from Castro's secret police, the DGI (which operates under the control of the Soviet KGB), revealed that the Mariel operation was part of Fidel's "Plan Bravo" to insert agents who would "incite Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and blacks" to riot and revolution. Another DGI defector, Mario Estebez Gonzalez, testified that he and about 3,000 other Cuban agents infiltrated into the U.S. among the 130,000 Marielitos.

These and other defectors also revealed the Soviet-Cuban plans for expanded narco-terrorism, the use of narcotics both as a weapon to destabilize and subvert American society and to fund terrorist group operations. The communist/drug cartel/terrorist connection, which has been exposed in numerous studies and congressional hearings, was most definitively revealed in Red Cocaine, the authoritative 1990 book by national security expert Dr. Joseph D. Douglass Jr.

However, Dr. Douglass' message has fallen on deaf ears, as have the warnings of many of those who have gone before him. In 1968, General Major Jan Sejna, one of the highest-ranking officials of the Communist Czechoslovak regime, defected, bringing with him detailed knowledge of the Soviet narco-terrorism plan launched in 1956. German defense analyst Hans Graf Huyn explains:

In 1956, the Soviet Union started a project studying the use of drugs as a means of destabilizing Western society. The project was organized under the auspices of the Soviet "Defense Committee" in cooperation with the KGB, the GRU, the Ministry of Health and the Soviet Academy of Sciences.... Following Directive M-220/00-0050 of 16 July by the Bulgarian state security service [KDS], over 50% of heroin trade in Europe, plus a proportion of the North American trade, was managed by KDS through its "trade organization," KINTEX, at Boulevard Antonov 66, Sofia. At KINTEX, Western mafia groups delivered heroin in exchange for firearms which were transferred to terrorist groups operating in the West.... The Cuban and Nicaraguan intelligence services, both affiliated to the KGB (GRU), organize drug operations out of Colombia into the United States.

Once the narcotics are in the U.S. they are fed into distribution systems that are dominated by criminal syndicates composed almost entirely of recent immigrants (legal and illegal) from Russia, Ukraine, Jamaica, China, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico, the Mideast, etc. What percentage of the massive drug trafficking business is run by freshly arrived foreigners? THE NEW AMERICAN asked that question of Special Agent John Dowd, who recently retired from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) after 25 years on the front lines of the drug war. Agent Dowd replied: "I'd say conservatively 90 percent." Joseph Occhipinti, the legendary DEA/INS officer who now heads the National Police Defense Foundation, concurs, saying that there's no question that the drug trade is "overwhelmingly in the hands of aliens" who have taken full advantage of our pitifully lax immigration laws.

In 1973, A.H. Stanton Candlin revealed in his massively documented opus, Psycho-Chemical Warfare, the enormous Chinese communist drug offensive against the West which had begun even earlier than the Soviet effort. But America's foreign policy elites were not going to let a minor thing like that stand in the way of U.S.-Sino rapprochement. They still prefer to cover up these unpleasant facts. "Nobody [in Washington] wants to hear about this," Dr. Joseph Douglass told THE NEW AMERICAN, "They'd rather pretend it isn't happening. But you can see the unmistakable earmarkings of Soviet state operations in the drug trade and organized crime activities all around us. The KGB and GRU are still as healthy and alive as before, so the appropriate question is, why would they stop now?"



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 4:40 PM
Subject: personal message from ken freeland to dick eastman

Hey Dick,
I don't know if you noticed this post of mine to CHDouglas, but I am looking forward to your response there.
Yes, Ken.   Here is the reply I sent 

Monday, April 14, 2008 11:02 AM

scroll down for the article 
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 11:57 PM
Subject: comments: Night of the Living Goyim

> Dick
> I would like to send you nothing but kudos for this splendid little piece
> but I cannot. Despite its many insights, it seems there is a fly in the
> ointment.  Perhaps you can persuade me that it is not a factual error.
> Then
> I would be able to disseminate your piece far and wide without
> compunction.
> But because of what appears to me a major factual error I cannot.  You
> write:  "Mao and Zhou were backed by the international bankers against the
> liberal Republic of China trying to be born but aborted by banker-owned
> communism."  Where is your proof of that?  I don't need chapter and verse,
> just any source that demonstrates that international bankers subsidized
> the
> Chinese Communist Revolution.  Thanks in advance.
> Peace,
> Ken Freeland
There are hundreds of books on this subject.  I have dozens of them.  It is the famous question "Who gave away China?"  George C. Marshall played a very big part.  Joseph McCarthy was not wrong on what made him famous.  His speech before Congress Retreat from Victory details Marshall's role in the loss of China.  In the FDR and the Truman administration there were many "reds" for the Communists and against Chang Kai-shek heir of Sun Yat-sen -- American educated and attempting to establish a Republic.  The US government, whose most influential string puller at the time was Bernard Baruch, did everything to sabotage the Kuomintang and back the Communists.  There are the banking interests.  Why?  Because Hong Kong was the very profitable bottle neck through which all trade was conducted with "closed" China.  Since the days of Venitian merchant banking -- merchant bankers made their fortune monopolizing trade between China and Europe -- a free republic of China on lines drawn up by the University of Chicago would end the exclusive middleman role of the merchant bankers.  You will not that Kissinger & Associates plays this game of selling access to the communist dictatorship.  You will note too that after the COmmunist revolution and even during the Korean War China did not snatch Hong Kong  -- that was Zhou Enlai's doing  -- Zhou was decended from the Mandarin family that leaisoned between the British opium traders and the Emperor.  Zhou was a communist but  a communist with ties to the banks.  One week after Nixon opened China (remember the ping pong meetings?)  David Rockefeller and Kissinger went to Zhou and essentailly planned the industrialization of China at the expense of the US middle class.  Also, China and Israel immediately recognized each other when created in 1949  -- Trotsky and Zhou never divided.  Mao also was a opium druglord as well as a red revolutionary -- and you know who gets the laundered proceeds from drug dealing  -- and the arms that drug money buys. 

Only one other person has commented on Night of the Living Goyim  -- I guess it was too long  -- when something is too long everybody finds at least something they don't like
Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
April 13, 2008
Night of the Living Goyim -- Ending How Zionists View the Nations
by Dick Eastman

Read this article here:
One of my first efforts to alert the public  -- from 1998:


(A middle-aged Asian-American in white suit and hat, stands
talking with his eldest son)

#1 Son:
Gee, Pop, it looks like Beijing got all our secrets of the
neutron bomb, miniaturized nuclear warheads, satellite
electronics, and electro-magnetic pulse weapons. I
guess the White House was too trusting.

White House trusting many empty heads like head on
shoulders of inattentive son. Not disappointed.

#1: What do you mean, Pop?

Man not put mustard in bun unless expecting
hot dog.

You mean the Reds really bribed the leader of
the Free World with campaign money?

Please hold tongue so ears can hear. Beijing money
operating expenses for red-agent President.

But the Cold War ended 10 years ago, Pop. We¹ve
built up all kinds of economic ties and good will
with China.

Economic ties tight around neck of Uncle Sam.
Old Chinese saying: Eagle and dragon watch bear
die. Eagle think safe to sleep. Dragon soon making
wish with wishbone. Good will to Beijing Reds one
way street. Bank crooks give factory and know-how
to China Princelings; Get big profit. Uncle Sam
left with big slum and no middle class.

But why would any American do that, Pop?

Beijing Reds murder many Chinese. Big-shot
bank pirates rob America. Beijing Princelings
make crooked deal with bad bankers.
Princelings' heads not chopped off. Bad
bankers not go to jail.

But Pop, at the University the profs say our
economic ties are going to move China to freedom.
When they see the advantages of capitalism
they will open their society to our values.

Loud-mouth son waste time at expensive loud-mouth
college. Bad bankers not missionaries. Wall Street
crooks meet Beijing agent in Asia; smoke big cigars.
Play with bodies of pretty Burmese slaveboys. Talk
about big profit from coolie labor. Pick best country
to move money. No time for Thomas Jefferson.

But how could they plan something as big as
wrecking the United States?

CC: Plan already there. Zhou Enlai make plan
50 years ago. Use ancient Chinese military
strategy of Sun Tzu: If too weak to defeat enemy
today, corrupt grandchildren of enemy. Beat later.

Wow. So that¹s what happened to generation
³X² with all the broken families, all the dumbing
down in the schools.

Education reform controlled by big foundations
under thumb of bad money men.

#1: Is that why no one could stop the pornography
and all the abortions? I¹ll bet the crooked bankers
control the crooked lawyers too. Huh, Pop?

Tongue moving again. You overlook biggest weapon.
Zhou Enlai never forget Chinese loose Opium Wars
against English tea corporations. Use same weapon
against Uncle Sam. Red Beijing behind big drug invasion.
Make friends with American gangsters. Drug money
buy all crooked lawyer and politician they need. Old
Wall Street families long ago marry with English
opium-corporation families. See new chance to fill
pocket with drug money. Banks become agents for
Beijing. Transfer American know-how and machine
to Communist China. Throw honest hard-working
Japan, South Korea and Nationalist China on ear.
Beijing Communist not love people. Love power.
Bank crooks love power too. Poison propaganda
of CP hidden when letters changed to PC.
People fooled. Arrange own funeral.

But our military is still more powerfulful than theirs.

Number one son cannot open mouth without big
display of ignorance. Red-agent President disarm
own country. Send soldiers to middle of big Balkan
minefield. Stop American scientist weapon research.
Give missile secrets to Beijing Communists so
Communist soldiers know how to set pulse-beam
so burn up satellite and missile circuits. EMP bomb
destroy all electrical devices. President waste all
American missiles on Yugoslav mountainside.
Reds not take chances. Plan new Korean War
and Taiwan invasion when Uncle Sam start to
fight people of Iraq and whole Moslem world.
Defeated land of free go into receivership.
Everyone kowtow to Beijing Reds or else push
up daisies.

I don¹t get it, Pop. If all our key positions are
filled with enemy agents, criminals and dupes
and if all the good people have been lied to,
intimidated, or pushed out of decision-making
positions, how do we win? What¹s our
counter move?

Move already made.


Words written down by man standing behind
potted plant will go on internet.

#1: Gosh, then the case is solved. Say, wait a
minute, Pop! What happens if no one listens?

Lifting his cup of tea toward his lips, the greatest
American detective smiles enigmatically and says




Palash Biswas
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